Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Irregular sheets - Usually pallet size and bigger - 18" to 40" in diameter - May need a Bobcat to move - Sold by the ton

Irregular shapes and sizes - 18" to 24" in diameter - Easier for the DIY to handle - Sold by the ton

Irregular shapes and sizes for natural retaining walls - Covers 15 sq ft/ton - Sold by the ton 

Edging Stone
Size 3"x4" Random lengths cover 100 lineal feet - Size 4"x5" Random lengths cover 70 to 80 lineal feet

Snapped Steps
3' or 4' long x 18" deep x 5" to 7" tall - 5' and 6' steps available by order - Sold by each

Outcropping Steps

Sawn Boulder Steps
Typically cut into 6" or 7" rise slabs for a beautiful, consistent step - Sizes are irregular - Sold by the ton 

Outcropping, Boulders, and Rip Rap
Accent any landscape, backyard, or commercial to add genuine enhancement to any project - Sold by the ton 
Gator Dust

Used in between flagstone and stepper only - Can have joints from 1/2" to 4" wide - Covers between 20 - 30 sq ft per bag depending on the joint size
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